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Signtronix – Top Sales Performers July 2013 Part 1

Regional Managers Volume

Colorado Cougars Brian Kornuth

Southwest Thunderbirds Harold Weatherly

Steel City Eagles Buddy Swisshelm

Texas Trailblazers Lance Pelton

San Antonio Gunslingers Joel Pelton

Kansas City Closers Jim Battaglia

Alabama “A” Team Ron Gither (more…)

Signtronix – Year to Date December 2012 Part 2

Regional Managers Contracts


Jeff Dean St. Louis Road Warriors

Brian Kornuth Colorado Cougars

Buddy Swisshelm Steel City Eagles

Lance Pelton Texas Trailblazers

Bill Bennetti Southeast Legends

Joel Pelton San Antonio Gunslingers

Taylor Hall Georgia Bulldawgs

Harold Weatherly Copper State Cool Rays

Jim Callahan California Landsharks

Robert Hollen Kentuckiana Kickers


Signtronix – Diamonds Make It Happen

RM Howard Foy of The Diamonds Region is leading by example. He started the week stopping at a previous Signtronix customer who was missing panels out of his sign. He purchased the sign 15 years ago and loved it. (more…)

Signtronix – What A Great Family We Have

When you are on a road trip and 240 miles from home, isn’t it great when another Regional Manager knocks on your hotel room door with a huge smile and hug? That’s RM Tom DeGroot, of the Lake Charles Swashbucklers, another a long way from home and eager to sit down, tell stories and share his knowledge with DM Buck Buchanan, David ‘the Navigator’ Adams and new dealer Dennis “Bengal” Carie from the Pensacola Blue Angels. They also invited Tom’s new dealer, Josh Johnsrude, to join the Captain for a fun filled dinner. (more…)

Spotlight On Signtronix High Performance Leadership

“Spotlight On Signtronix High Performance Leadership” is an e-mail newsletter for Signtronix Regional Managers.   The newsletter is focused on sharing information in an effort to maximize performance.  Our desire is to strive to achieve a level of effectiveness to help lead your region to its highest level of performance. (more…)

Signtronix Oklahoma Red Hawk Making History

Signtronix Oklahoma Red Hawk Regional Manager Richard Houston is very busy this month making Signtronix history.  Richard is on a quest to capture his 11th September Signtronix Sijan award.  WOW! (more…)

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