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Happy Birthday – Signtronix

We would like to send a very BIG Happy Birthday wish to Luz Daquigan in our home office Accounting Department.  Luz is celebrating today and tomorrow but her actual birthday is May 11th(more…)

Signtronix – Summer Factory Visits!

Published by Sarah on March 21st, 2012 - in Signtronix Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has visited the Home Office and Factory so far this summer! We are looking forward to more scheduled visits from people around the country. Will you be making the trip? (more…)

Signtronix – Dallas/FW Trailblazers

Published by Sarah on February 29th, 2012 - in Signtronix Reviews

RM Lance Pelton reports October started off great for the Trailblazers and only continues to get better! Ernie Bailey has lots of contracts with lots of dollar volume and some very happy customers. Cheryl Zimmer placed a beautiful Model 48 to a Preparatory School and the owner is excited about her new image. (more…)

Signtronix – Indiana Timberwolves 2

Published by Sarah on February 22nd, 2012 - in Signtronix Reviews

Alan McCamey did a presentation for the owner of an Antique Store. They now have an LED-60 on the way! He then visited an Optometrist and turns out she has another office, too. (more…)

Signtronix – Lone Star Rhinos

Published by Sarah on February 17th, 2012 - in Signtronix Reviews

Congratulations to new Dealer Ann Spencer on her performance. Ann came to Signtronix with little sales experience and at first had doubts about her abilities, but with reassurance from RM Carmen Rodriguez and DM Cesar Alvarez she now believes without a doubt she can be very successful. Ann reminds Carmen and Cesar every day how much she loves Signtronix. (more…)

Arkansas Travelers

RM Kirnan Lewis debated whether or not to leave his Arkansas Travelers Region to attend the RM Meeting at the Home Office at the end of this month. Between training and trying to grow the Region, he just couldn’t justify the cost and time out of the field. But, after commenting to Rick Rossetti about lack of time to “Do MY Thing”, Kirnan decided to give himself that time….and what better way then an extended road trip to CALIFORNIA! With Pixie’s blessings and hugs, Kirnan ended up driving to Weatherford, Oklahoma. (more…)

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