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Signtronix – What’s With All The Numbers?

How To Make “The Numbers” Work For YOU!

A deck of normal playing cards has 39 numbered cards and 13 face cards for a total of 52 cards. If you started laying out cards, chances are 1 out of 4 playing cards will be a face card. It just so happens that the national closing average of Signtronix Dealers is 1 sale for every 4 lite-ups. (more…)

Signtronix Lance P. Sinjan Award Winners

We have another Sijan winner! Congratulations to Jeff Van Horn, our most recent Lance P. Sijan Award winner! With hard work, dedication to achieving his goals, Jeff has achieved the coveted Sijan award FIVE times now!

With great honor, Jeff joins Richard Houston as five time award winners. (more…)

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