Signtronix-Gunslingers Quest For Greatness

Ice is breaking in South Texas in early February as the San Antonio Gunslingers newest Dealer, Tom Rairdon, made his all important first placement, a SF Model 36 at a Fitness Center. RM Joel Pelton reports that Tom has worked relentlessly on getting his presentation down cold, turning it into the well-timed conversation that our founder, Kozell Boren, has often spoken of and is destined to be a force in our business for years to come.

Mr. Consistency, Daniel Reuter, stopped in to visit with an old customer late last week and walked out with a contract for a SF Model 26 and a Model 326 panel for his old sign. Daniel then found a great location for a DF Model 412 at a Bakery.  Late Monday night he found another location for a SF Model 36. Clay Sultemeier placed a DF Model 46 at a Roofing Company while Greg Sandoval placed a SF Model 36 at a Balloon Bounce Business.  Paul Valdez got in on the action and placed an IS-40 at a Beauty Salon, Luis Aguilar placed a Model 48 panel at a Pizzeria, and Michael Petty found a great location to show off our Model 612 Crown at a 30 year-old Tire Company.  Joel wants to thank the Gunslingers for a total team effort while exhorting them to keep the pedal to the metal.  The 2012 Championship Quest is a marathon… not a sprint!

“The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.”  ~Confucius

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