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To achieve success you have to be consistent in everything you do.  After observing salespeople over a very long period of time, we found the single most important element necessary for success in selling is CONSISTENCY.  We have seen the “flash in the pan” salesperson that sets a record one week, only to be broke in pocket as well as in spirit by the end of the next.

Why… because selling requires intelligence and hard work.  The high income and pleasant working conditions that selling provides, demands a commitment from you. That commitment is giving attention to your business.   You must pay diligent, deliberate, persistent attention to your business.

Many dealers have a good day or a good week then “slough off”. They just don’t have the staying power for the long haul. They drive in short sprints and then run out of gas. This kind of performance results in an agonizing life.

When you make up your mind that you are in the right business, that you are doing what you like to do, then you must also make up your mind that you will completely commit yourself to being SUCCESSFUL. You have many reasons to do this, for your family, for your own self-esteem and for your future growth. Based on years of experience Signtronix and our products contain a combination of success ingredients that make US WINNERS!

Every day is to be approached as an opportunity to succeed. As you successfully complete each and every work day, you will find yourself building the way of security that consistent effort provides for those who have the character and the integrity to carry out their minimum daily requirement.  Remember, one day at a time but in a consistent sequence. You succeed one day at a time until you have the built-in habit of succeeding.


“Look everywhere!  Ask everyone!  Make personal recruiting a habit!”  ~Vernie Boren

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