Finally Feeling It-Signtronix

Below is a paraphrase of an e-mail sent to Milt Mannix from his dealer, Chris Ediam.


I’ve been on fire of late. While you were away I sold a SF Model 48, a DF Model 44 Money Magnet and a DF Model 46 to one of our first calls together, 2nd Time Around Sports. That makes four January sales.

Don’t forget that big three-sign order I wrote to start the year in spite of losing two plus weeks to a cold and my continuing, excruciating back problems. And I have been very close on a number of other lite-ups. I know as I get better, those misses will turn into contracts.  In fact, I have been shocked a few times this week when I didn’t get the sale. I’m finally feeling it.


I told you it would take longer with me, but that once I finally, “got it,” I would really get it. I felt like I had finally gotten it by mid-December, but the holidays held me back a bit. It did take me a few months longer than I expected – even for me – but it was well worth the wait and effort. I will be surprised if I don’t sell 10 or more in February. And, as you know, this Signtronix career is highly addictive once it comes together for you. I am dreaming every couple of nights about selling signs.


I thank you and Rick Dumont for all the effort in which you have invested. I have learned more about sales this past year than I had learned in my previous 29 years in sales. I am glad I trusted my instincts on that first day we met, despite how intimidating a one-call sale process can be to even the most experienced, proven salespeople.


“There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.”  ~Henry Ford

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