The Objection Handling System Part 2-Signtronix

Published by Sarah on May 11th, 2012 - in Articles, Customers, Signtronix

Use the objection handling system by returning to the questionnaire if you need to gain rapport.  Find out what is important to that customer.  Use their name more in the conversation.  Build value first with axioms.

Axiom for Building Rapport 

Mr. Customer, I have a brother and sister who own their own business so I know how you feel.  Everybody thinks you’re rich and you have all the time in the world.  You and I both know that’s not so.  You shouldn’t spend a penny unless it comes back dressed as a nickel.  Mr. Customer, I do not believe you should buy a sign (pause) unless you see it making you money and paying for itself in less than 100 days.

Axiom for Build Value

Mr. Customer, this sign only does one thing for you.  It doesn’t pour your coffee, it doesn’t sweep your floor, and it doesn’t keep your books.  Every single day it invites people into your business, and it does it in the most professional way.  Mr. Customer, with over 40,000 cars a day going by your business that’s literally 280,000 cars a week with over a million opportunities a month for you to tell people about your business and advertise what you do.

Axiom for Image

Mr. Customer, the customers going by are truly judge, jury and executioner.  They will prejudge a business and whether they are going to do business with you simply by the first impressions they make on your business.  Isn’t it important to make a good first impression?  If we go by a hotel with weeds growing everywhere and the windows broken, it’s dirty right?  If we go by a restaurant that looks fancy, it’s expensive?  We prejudge without thought.  Let them convict your business right now of being of quality.

Again, build value and handle objections using axioms.  Study your axioms until you can share them with the customer without having to think twice.  Let them become second nature!  Good luck and good skills.

   “A good leader has to be a constant teacher.”  ~Tom Johnson

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