How do we apply stick-to-itiveness to our business? 2

Published by Sarah on April 5th, 2012 - in Articles

Stick-to-itiveness… Goals and Work Habits. Set your sights high, then aim ever higher! It’s been proven over and over that setting goals along with a strong focus to achieve them is the fastest way to success. Goals can and should range from small to extremely large. Small, short term goals will make achieving large, difficult goals much easier. RM Richard Houston firmly believes setting goal helps stay on track and keep work habits in check. “It requires discipline, hard work and dedication.” Goals promote stick-to-itiveness!

If you don’t have stick-to-itiveness when it comes to work habits, your career will surely suffer. Strong work habits are the foundation for success. Make yourself a pattern. Set your alarm for the same time every day. Leave the house or hotel at the same time every day. Start your day with motivating influences. Even forced habits are good habits! Just ask Richard Houston, 11-time Sijan Winner with sights set on #12. His stick-to-itiveness is absolutely incredible! But, even he admits that his laser focus is fueled by goals and strict objectives. When he is going for a Sijan Award or the President’s Pin, adhering to the qualifications ensures his work habits are pristine and everything else falls into place.

Stick-to-itiveness… Customers.The small businesses each of you help on a daily basis thrive on the same aspects of stick-to-itiveness that you do. They need signage and marketing tools that stick-to-it! Our signs are the ultimate in stick-to-itiveness.

They are always lit and they are constantly hailing customers to come through the door. YOU can help owners understand that concept.

No one wants to be a pushy salesman. It’s a good thing that’s not what we

are, right? But, there is an element of stick-to-itiveness that needs to be there to help customers understand the value of good signage. Think of someone who won’t take “NO” for an answer. There is always another question you can ask a customer to HELP clarify objectives, needs and wants. We all know there is a time to walk away, but don’t let it be before you have truly educated a customer. Don’t forget calling on old customers. Checking in to see how they are doing and introducing them to new technology is all that needs to be done. Sticking to that principle alone will increase your bottom line.

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