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Published by Sarah on April 1st, 2012 - in Customers

Dear Signtronix,

We have completed our survey of the first 30 people that came into our retail Gun Store since our sign was installed. The first regular customer on the day after installation immediately complemented us on our new sign, both on it’s looks and on it’s appropriateness for our business. You will notice it only took six business days for us to fill up the survey. All new customers were drawn in as a result of the new sign, and the traffic has not let up since!The impact was immediate and significant. We want to thank the designer and folks involved in the manufacturing for a job well done. The sign looks great and the quality was excellent.We also want to especially thank our sales representative, Kenneth Melton. He presented the transaction honestly, treated us right and stayed with the project until it was completed; including helping us get the sign installed at a reasonable cost. It was all beyond the call of duty.

I would recommend doing business with Kenneth and Signtronix to any enterprise, large or small. The investment is well worth the cost and pays off quickly.


James L. Morrison, CEO

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