Signtronix – How Your Presentation Can Result In A Sale 1 Out of 4 or 5 Times I

Published by Sarah on March 23rd, 2012 - in Signtronix

By: President Tom Johnson

 Start With Planning Your Week

For Road Trips – Leave Sunday afternoon so you wake up Monday morning in the territory you are going to work. Some people don’t leave home until Monday and ‘deadhead’ to a territory; making only 1 or 2 lite-ups on the way. Then, they leave the territory on Friday morning and ‘deadhead’ home making only 1 or 2 lite-ups. They lose two days and anywhere from 6 to 8 lite-ups. They get behind on the numbers game.

 Commit to the number of lite-ups you will make for the week. Start your first day by filling out a Call Sheet. Make sure you have plenty of Referral Coupons with you.

Your mission each day is to seek out and find business locations you can enroll in our Showcase Location Program. Signs sell signs!

For Road Trips – Give a powerful, value building presentation. It doesn’t have to be directed AT your prospect because it will be tremendously valuable to ALL business owners. A powerful, compelling story, told with passion, captivates people. It stirs emotions and excites people. A good book captivates its reader. A good movie stimulates all sorts of emotions. People put themselves in the story as the lead character. When your prospect puts himself in the lead role of your story, it’s hard not to want to be enrolled in our movement.

If a prospect doesn’t want to become a marketing partner, show him the Referral Coupons. You have just created a win-win for yourself. You gave a great presentation…lite-up… and you have a pocketful of referrals!

Whatever you do, don’t end your day until you have reached your lite-up goal! You must keep the numbers in your favor. Keep your momentum going. DON’T GET BEHIND THE LITE-UP CURVE! GET AHEAD OF IT!

Have faith that 20 or 25 lite-ups will result in 3 to 5 contracts in a week! Remember, you are NOT a sign salesman, you are a Location Coordinator. You are looking for Marketing Partners that will help us place more signs.

You must work from VICTORY TO VICTORY! A lite-up is a victory. A referral is a victory. A sale is a victory. Each victory will make you stronger and more confident. By staying with your lite-up plan and your forward momentum, the numbers will always turn out in your favor.




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