What’s Your Signtronix Story?

Every Regional Manager, District Manager and Dealer has a story of how they started at Signtronix. Knowing where we came from gives us a strong foundation to build on, to grow from and to know exactly where we want to go.

Dealer for the Pensacola Blue Angels, David Adams…This is his Story.

My name is David Adams and this is My Signtronix Story.

Since 1979, I was in the steel building industry, selling WWII type Quonset huts, working sales door-to-door and following up telemarketing leads. Everything was fine until the business was sold in 2003 and everything seemed to change. 25 years in one industry and I found myself at the end of the line for the next 3 years and it was time for a change.

I found Signtronix on Monster.com, filled out the application, received an email from Regional Manager Robert Prujan and the interview process began with an invitation to ‘come in and see our actual product, see how our program works and let us show you how we can change your life’.

Robert went through the interview liteup and I was SOLD! We spent the next two hours talking about the opportunity and I went home and told my wife, Amanda that “I do believe I have finally found the job I had been looking for at last.” I was excited.

The training was intense and I was a little overwhelmed at the detail but I was committed to learning this presentation. My poor Golden Retriever Dixie must have thought I was crazy but she let me continue to practice on her and I was getting it. I started in late November and had a pretty good month in December. It was all beginning to come together.

Robert told me that “the sky is the limit” and in January 2008, I made more money in one month than I had the entire year 2007 when I was exiting the steel building business! How’s that for a “WOW”?

I have earned a Bonus Sign 5 out of 6 months this year and everything I was told was TRUE and with the continuing training that Pensacola Blue Angels do every month, it is only getting better and better.

All I have to do is get up in the morning and go to work, have a positive mental attitude, follow the program and simply do at least FIVE liteups a day, FIVE days a week, FOUR weeks a month and I get great pleasure from knowing that I am helping the Independent Business Owners on Main Street America with making their dreams become a reality.

Thank you, Cappy! I am proud to be a Blue Angel and I am proud to be a part of the Signtronix Family.

Blue skies,

David Adams

Pensacola Blue Angels

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