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Published by david on May 13th, 2009 - in Customers

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter to let the people at Signtronix know what a difference my new sign has made with my business. You wouldn’t believe the number of policy holders who called to compliment me on my new sign. People noticed it right away!

“Your new sign really looks great,” was one comment. “What a great improvement to the look of your office,” was another comment. “I can actually see your sign at night now,” was another.

As for new customers… We get most of our business by way of referrals-the problem in the past had been that new clients who had never been to my office, often had a difficult time finding me because my office is located on a bend and by the time they saw my office sign, they have driven past my office. With my new Signtronix sign, people see it before they pass.

With over 17,000 State Farm agents in the country, I have a lot of competition! My new Signtronix sign helps me stand out among the other agents. I have probably secured 2 more Households than I would have by having my new sign. Our sign is still new, so I’m sure my business will continue to grow because of it.

I would (and have) recommend Signtronix to many of my friends who have their own businesses.

Jean Stewart, State Farm Agent
State Farm Insurance
Loveland, OH

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