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Signtronix – Get On Board

Are you continually keeping your eyes open for your next Champion?  Potential sales talent is often standing right in front of you.  You just need to pay attention. They may be busy fund raising, serving dinner or working at a retail store.  When you meet someone who appears competent and personable, tell them what you do and then give them a way to contact you.  (more…)

Signtronix – Ghostbusting Specials

October 2013 is the month to place lots of Tri-color EMC’s.  With the Ghostbusting special in full effect, quantities are becoming very limited.  All of the 4-line 8’ EMC’s have been sold.  Inventory on the 2 and 3-line is going fast!  Take action NOW!   (more…)

Signtronix – Back In Action

San Antonio Gunslinger Ricardo Gracia is back in action!  He just placed a set of Model 48 panels to a Steakhouse in south Texas!  Way to go, Ricardo!  Keep up the momentum!   Daniel Reuter finished out September strong and is making the most of his days by working long and productive hours in October.  (more…)

Signtronix – One Last Lite-up

Alabama A Team is hot on the “sales trail”!  On Tuesday personal recruit, Josh Gither, placed Model 48 panels and an LED-60 to a Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama.  Wanting in on some of the sales action, RM Ron Gither went out on Wednesday with Josh.  They had a long day making 6 lite-ups and, because Josh wouldn’t let Ron stop, they continued on to lite-up #7 where they struck GOLD!  (more…)

Signtronix – Trailblazers Tally Up Contracts

Regional Manager Lance Pelton said, “What can I say other than, WOW!  Jim Callahan spent last week with the Trailblazers and opened our eyes again to how simple the business is when you just focus on lite-ups.”  Jim held 5 amazing meetings during week and still managed to get his 25 lite-ups in during the week and oh by the way…wrote 7 contracts!  The Trailblazers can’t thank Jim enough for spending the week in Texas.  Come back anytime!

Chris Griffith, one of the dealers who rode with Jim, is making his list and checking off the lite-ups.  Chris has three contracts since riding with Jim and plans on an awesome October!  Last week was a big week for the Trailblazers in other ways.  Tyler Derebery not only spent some time with Jim in the field but he also took the time to place a Model 510 to an Auto Repair Shop.  Way to go Tyler!  Tyler is at the Sales & Leadership Academy this week and is excited about what he’s learning.  We can’t wait for him to return and show other dealers.

Kenneth Melton had a big week helping owners week. He placed two locations, a Model 48 to an Auto Repair Shop and a Model 612 to a Slushy Company.  

Kenneth also has his sights set on a BIG October!  Keith Ives, along with James Olsen, placed their first Imagelite to a Daycare.  He went on to add a Model 38 to wrap up the week.  Cheryl Zimmer added two contracts to her tally, Jay Chowins added a Model 46 to an Insurance Company and Ken Lindsey added two more contracts!  Trailblazers are hot!

 “We can’t do everything at once but we can do something at once.”  ~Calvin Coolidge

Signtronix – Sound of Sweet Music

St. Louis Road Warrior Mike Font placed Model 56 panels to an Auto Repair Shop that specializes in Ford Mustangs. Then they went down the street to a BBQ place that had bought their lighted sign from Seth McNeal. (more…)

Signtronix – Birthday Wishes

We wish a very Happy Birthday to Carmen Rodriguez who celebrates her birthday tomorrow, October 2nd.  Birthday greetings go out to Lee Andrews who celebrates his birthday on Thursday, October 3rd. (more…)

Signtronix – Super Sign Season

San Antonio Gunslinger Daniel Reuter does it again!  Daniel just placed a Model 34 SF to a Nail Salon in Central Texas. Congrats to Daniel!  Don Larned working in another area placed a Model 36 DF to a Boutique and WON a $25 Gas Card offered by RM Joel Pelton this week! (more…)

Signtronix – Mustang Mantra

With a new dealer fresh out of class, RM Mike Hays decided to *really* field train Steve Sawyer. Mike told Steve that the first week he was only going to watch and they would trade lite-ups the following week. Mike and Steve got out a 24 Call Sheet and went to work. On the very first lite-up, Mike sold a Model 48 and a set of Tri-color EMC’s. (more…)

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